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What to Do When You Have Storm Damage in Dunedin

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

Storm damaged home with upturned car in front yard Storm damage is serious. When severe storms strike know what to do. Call SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South for help 24/7.

Storm damage can be dangerous to handle by yourself. Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South.

When a storm causes damage to your property, it is critical to react quickly but properly. If the area is unsafe, leave it. Do not stay in a home that has significant damage, increasing flooding, or potential electrical failures. Once you are safe, call the experts at SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South to handle the storm damage cleanup for you.

Managing Debris Cleanup

Having a professional handle the storm damage ensures you do not put yourself or your home at risk of increased damage. The first step will always be to remove any excess and standing water from the home. Proper drying using professional equipment and techniques helps prevent the buildup of mold.

It is not possible to save many types of wet materials, including damaged drywall and some types of flooring. For furniture and other hard surfaces, removing the moisture and professionally cleaning these services is important.

Handling Difficult Tasks

Many times, storm damage is much more significant than this. You may have a tree or a tree branch on your roof. You may have a hole in the roof or damage to your roof trusses as a result. You may have sewage backed up into your home. Having a professional handle this type of storm damage clean up is essential to ensure the work is done safely and properly.

The good news is help is available to you right away. Protect your family while the team at SERVPRO Northwest Spokane handles the cleanup.

Get Immediate Help by Calling SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South

When you have storm damage, do not wait to get help. Call SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South for immediate assistance and support. We are here for you. You can reach us 24/7 at 727-793-1333.

Dunedin Residents Can See Van Gogh In A New Light

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment hard at work. Storms may cause flood damage in your area. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for fast and great service.

A New Van Gogh Exhibition Is Sure To Delight People In Dunedin

Art lovers in Dunedin will want to visit the Dali Museum in nearby Tampa during their Van Gogh Alive exhibit. This unusual exhibition is designed to let you experience the famous painter’s work like never before. The Dali Museum is the first museum in North America to show this sign.

  • See Van Gogh’s most famous works, including Starry Night and Sunflowers blown up to a larger-than-life-size.
  • View the paintings through high definition projections for an experience like no other.
  • It is synchronized to a powerful classical music score for a fully immersive experience.

This is a multi-sensory exhibit that features large moving images, loud sounds, and theatrical lighting. Van Gogh Alive runs till April 11, 2021. Tickets cost $25 and must be pre-booked via the museum website.

Hopefully, a visit to the exhibit will be the only dramatic thing that happens to you this season. However, in the unfortunate event of flood damage due to storms, SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbor South is here to help. Call us at (727) 793-1333.

Kick Off The Holidays in Dunedin

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Colorful tree lights. Go out and enjoy and support the local youth of Dunedin this holiday season.

The Dunedin Youth Guild Offering Their Annual Tour of Homes

This year, the Dunedin Youth Guild is offering their Annual Home Tour as a virtual event and an in-person offering. The tour showcases the diverse array of architectural styles used in the construction of the local properties. There are unique works of art, stunning kitchens, cozy fireplaces, serene libraries, and holiday-decorated Christmas trees, plus so much more to see in the houses. The cost of ticket sales goes to support youth scholarship programs and other youth-focused community improvement projects. For holiday shopping, there will be vendors showcasing their wares and auctions and the availability of online shopping. The virtual event will feature both live and silent auctions. This event occurs rain or shine.

  • December 5 at 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 
  • Virtual event streams at 12 pm on December 5
  • Tickets are $25.00

SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbor South at (727) 793-1333 proudly assists the local community with flooding cleanup in Dunedin properties.

Where Do Homeowners Go After a Storm to Restore Their Homes?

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

"!" Sign in the rain Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include storm damage. Don't let the moisture take over your home. Contact SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Restoration Specializes in Returning Homeowners to a Dry, Safe Residence After a Storm.

Is There a Difference Between Storm Flooding and Water from a Broken Pipe?

There is a risk with any water in Palm Harbor homes. SERVPRO specialists know that storm flooding contains soil and other contaminants that can stain property and make carpets so unsafe to use again that we do not attempt to restore them. Quick removal and cleaning can restore much of a home to its pre-flood condition. 

How Else Does It Affect Restoration?

Specialists’ first step in Palm harbor flood damage is to spray an anti-bacterial agent over the water and affected surfaces. This reduces the risk to anyone that steps into the water or removes contaminated property to a dry location. They follow up with these actions and equipment:

  • Specialists use pumps and other extraction devices to draw out any standing water and water trapped in carpets and floorboards. This reduces further damage and makes removing the carpets far easier. 
  • They next use additional anti-bacterial cleaners with sponges and cloths to clean and disinfect affected surfaces. For items like upholstered property, they have the option of using injectors to directly apply a cleaner to spots where the flooding reached, and foggers to generate a cloud of cleaning particles that penetrate deeply to eliminate contaminants and the odors they can leave behind. 

How Can Technicians Know They Removed Enough Water Before Damaging Something?

Our technicians use Moisture Meters calibrated for the type of property they are inspecting. As an example, a gypsum wall panel with too much moisture can read at 40 points, too high to allow for natural evaporation before it begins to crack and crumble. Technicians use a combination of fans and air movers, along with regular checks, to bring the number down to an acceptable 12 points. 

At SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbor, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. To schedule a service call, you can contact our office today at (727) 793-1333. 

A Heavy Storm Caused Flood Damage in My Palm Harbor Property. Who Can Help Me to Restore it?

8/29/2020 (Permalink)

flooded living room with floating furniture Flooding in your home can have lasting effects that are complicated to deal with. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation services.

Hire SERVPRO Technicians to Handle the Flood Damage in Your Palm Harbor Residence.

After flooding occurs, it is essential to act fast within the first 48 hours to prevent further damage. Floodwater can cause several hazards to your property, including weakening the structure and causing health problems to your family. SERVPRO technicians in Palm Harbor can help minimize damage and restore your property to its pre-incident state.

What safety measures should I take after flooding?

If you have to leave your property because of the flood, pay attention to the authorities, and follow their instructions before you move back into your property. Flood damage in your Palm Harbor property may continue to occur even after the water subsides. Check for signs of structural damage, such as cracks on the foundation before getting into the home.

Can you help me deal with my insurance firm?

At SERVPRO, we understand how overwhelming flood damage can turn out. You need to ensure that your property does not sustain much damage, and your family's health is not at stake. Our technicians can help you document the damage by taking photos and videos of the affected areas. We also offer a Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) that helps streamline the insurance filing process.  Our technicians categorize contents as non-salvageable, salvageable, or questionable. By inventorying every item, you can handle content decisions efficiently. If we find it necessary to move some contents out of your home while it undergoes restoration, the CCIS inventory can act as a vital tracking tool for moving and managing contents.

What do you use to dry the affected area?

We have a wide range of advanced equipment and tools that help us speed up the drying process in flood-damaged homes. We can use axial air movers to increase air circulation and draw out the moisture in the affected areas. The equipment draws in a large amount of dry air to replace the moist air in the structure. Since water can seep into cavities and hard to reach areas, we can use structural cavity drying equipment to drive airflow into the cavities. The warm air increases the surface temperature and lowers the vapor pressure. That increases the rate of evaporation, leading to faster drying.

Can technicians do something about the persisting odor?

Even after cleaning and drying the property, it is normal for odors to persist. Odors from dead animals and decaying plants require special skills and techniques to eliminate them. We can use instant odor counteracting beads to mask the odors.

Do not let flood damage leave you devastated. Contact SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbor South at (727) 793-1333 for effective restoration. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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What Can I Do to Prevent Flooding in My Palm Harbor Home?

6/28/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding Bedroom Interior SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbor South at (727) 793-1333 for any size flood damage to your home.

SERVPRO knows flooding has the potential to hit any property in Palm Harbor, and fast cleanup lessens the loss

Florida gets intense weather throughout the year, including flash floods, more lightning strikes than anywhere else in the United States, and occasionally, hurricanes and tropical storms. In particular, the storm surge that accompanies hurricanes can lead to copious amounts of water hitting your Palm Harbor property. There are some steps homeowners can take to minimize the potential loss, such as:
    •    Landscape your property to direct water away from the home
    •    Ensure weather stripping and seals are intact on doors and windows
    •    Trim tree limbs near the roof and windows so high winds do not cause damage
    •    Clean gutters from debris and ensure they do not drain near the home, add extensions if needed

What is the First Thing I Should Do When My Home has Flood Damage?

If you do not already have a plan for handling flood damage in your Palm Harbor home, make one. A good solid idea includes things like:
    •    Locations of valuable items and important papers
    •    The number for SERVPRO to begin cleanup for you
    •    Account and phone numbers for your utilities so you can halt service if necessary
    •    Your banking and credit card information
    •    Personal information for each family member including copies of prescriptions and doctor phone numbers
    •    A plan for what to do with your pets during cleanup in case it happens where you are staying does not allow pets
    •    Items family members need for day-to-day activities

It is crucial to begin the restoration process as soon as possible because even one day can make a difference in whether or not something has restoration potential.

How Does the Flood Damage Cleanup Work?

SERVPRO techs have years of experience and certification for the handling of floodwater, which carries a rating as a class three biohazard because of the frequency in which the water contains harmful elements such as debris, chemicals, and sewage. The techs test the water, so they know what they are dealing with and apply the appropriate cleaning agents to lessen the risk when handling the water.

Non-porous items have the best potential for restoration, so your Great-Grandmother's vase with sentimental value may have the possibility of reuse through the gentle cleaning methods by the techs, while the composite wood accent table the vase got displayed upon turned out to be a loss due to exposure to floodwater.

Area rugs, carpeting, upholstered furniture, and mattresses exposed to the floodwater usually require disposal as they cannot get cleaned to the point they are assuredly sanitary for reuse in the home.

A structure with damage from flooding generally undergoes a dramatic transformation when the areas that got affected are widespread. It is not uncommon for the flooring to require removal down to the subfloor or slab. This is an important step, however, because when seepage occurs, the structure needs drying from the bottom up to eliminate the potential for secondary issues such as mold or foul odors to compound the mitigation efforts.

Along with flooring, walls also bear the brunt of the loss. Once the water is inside the home, it migrates rapidly and runs up against baseboards, under cabinets, and any spaces it can find. When it encounters sheetrock, the building materials readily wick the water and continue absorbing it until SERVPRO techs halt the process through the use of flood cuts. This removes the ruined sheetrock and leaves undamaged walls in place. This action also opens up the interior of the wall around the framework for complete drying. When insulation gets ruined with floodwater, the techs have specialized vacuums to collect it for disposal. At this time, the vapor barrier also gets inspect to determine if it requires replacement.

When SERVPRO techs dry the structure, they monitor the process carefully to ensure that pre-set drying goals get attained. The property receives a second scoping post-drying to ensure no areas of moisture remain on-site. Then the cleaning of the property and any application of mold preventatives takes place.

Once the efforts complete, the techs walk the homeowner through the property and go over the actions taken and the repairs or reconstruction needed to bring the home to its original state. This information is also compiled into a report to assist with filing any insurance claims.

SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbor South at (727) 793-1333 for any size flood damage to your home. The technicians are available 24/7, arrive quickly on-site, and make the water loss in your home, “Like it never even happened.”