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Commercial Kitchen Fire Damage Restored by Dunedin Professionals

Kitchen fires are all too common. Even commercial kitchens where professionals work can suddenly be engulfed in flames. Fortunately, the kitchen fire pictured h... READ MORE

Heavy Smoke Damage After House Fire Needs Expert Restoration

If you've had a house fire, it's pretty obvious that major professional restoration will be required where the fire destroyed structural items. What may not be ... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Dunedin/South Palm Harbor Pays Attention to the Details

When the damage to your property is so significant that a major repair and restoration is warranted, you want someone that will pay attention to every single de... READ MORE

SERVPRO Has the Equipment and Techniques to Handle Any Type of Water Damage

When you have water damage to your property, you want to make sure you have qualified professionals handle the repair and restoration. That's why people on Flor... READ MORE

Major Winter Storm with Record Low Temps Freezes Pipes, Floods Home

When a surprise, record-breaking cold snap hit Texas, SERVPRO of Dunedin/South Palm Harbor was pressed into emergency service to help our Texas friends recover.... READ MORE

Major Storm Floods Waterfront Home

A major storm brought water inside this beautiful waterfront home. SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South was there to remove the water and cut out the damaged dr... READ MORE

Massive Water Damage to Condo Complex Restored by SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South

One of the units in this condo complex had a broken master bathroom water line while the owner was out of town. The water ran all night long causing massive wat... READ MORE

Dunedin Sewer Backup Damage Fixed by SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South

This home had a major sewer backup that flooded the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and hallways. In addition to the water damage, raw sewage is a biohazard tha... READ MORE

Dunedin Water Damage Repaired by SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South

This water damage was caused by a slow window leak which got the wall wet and resulted in rotted flooring and mold damage within the wall. SERVPRO of Dunedin/Pa... READ MORE

Faulty Pump Causes Flood in a Dunedin Community Recreational Facility

A broken pipe on a pool pump caused a flood in a newly remodeled community recreational facility clubhouse. SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South was called in t... READ MORE