What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Our house is older so when the electrical lit on fire we were scared of what came after.  Although replacing the electric was difficult, SERVPRO made it easier by helping clean the fire damage and saving much of our stuff.

My husband thought he could fix the damage by renting equipment from the hardware store.  When this didn’t work, SERVPRO came to the rescue!  We saved time and a lot of headaches by relying on such a knowledgeable team.

An aromatic candle lit our curtains on fire and it all went downhill from there.  When the firefighters left, a friend recommended we call SERVPRO.  Best decision ever!  Now we recommend them to OUR friends all the time!

When my microwave exploded and fire traveled through the walls, I thought we would have to move out of our home.  Your fire crew helped us sort through the debris and cleanup our kitchen with us still living in our house.  Thank you!

The damage to my home was overwhelming, but SERVPRO helped me look through everything, fix what could be fixed and toss whatever was beyond help.  Thank you for being careful with all my stuff!

Would never have imagined that our home and our things could be saved, but it all looks as good as new and there are no smoke odors whatsoever.