What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

I’m an artist and all my work got wet when the sink in my studio (garage) broke.  With SERVPRO’s help I was able to recover much of my work and you can’t even tell they were ever in harm’s way!

A water leak from my upstairs neighbor soaked my wall. SERVPRO came in, replaced the drywall and dried everything around it.  Super quick and easy, I highly recommend their services.

We thought the Florida humidity was damaging our carpet, but then we realized there was a leak in the master bath. The SERVPRO staff helped us clean and disinfect the surrounding area and even checked the rest of the house.  Very thorough in what they do.

A leak in my crawlspace made my hardwood floor bubble up.  SERVPRO came in with their drying equipment and made it settle back down.  After thinking I was going to have to replace all of it, their work made me and my husband very happy.

When I read that SERVPRO leaves your home like nothing had happened, I was skeptical.  Now that they have worked on my house I know that it’s true!

I can't say enough about Art and his team.  He was honest as the day is long and gave me a fair price. His team worked fast and made it look easy. Thank God for people like this who know what they're doing, because this was a real mess and they did a wonderful job.